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Everything Green Unknown Facts

11) The aphid is a member of a large group of insects also known as plant lice or green flies; found worldwide as parasites on roots, leaves, and stems of plants to which they frequently do great damage.

12) The Green Line was the unofficial boundary that divided the Muslims and Christians in Beirut during the violent period, from 1975 to 1990.

13) Green gold is used in the making of jewelry, and contains copper and silver.

14) The Green Frog is a small water frog found in eastern North America. Its body color ranges from brown and bronze to green; they grow from 2 – 3 inches long.

15) The green jungle fowl is one of four species of fowl found in Asia, south of the Himalayas, and on many islands in the East Indies.

16) The green mamba is a venomous snake of the cobra family, found in southern Africa; among the swiftest of snakes, it has a narrow head and large eyes.

17) The Green Mountain Boys were a group of soldiers from Vermont who fought in the American Revolution, 1775 to 1783. Their name came from the Green Mountains in Vermont.

18) Green Mountain College is a private, coeducational institution founded in 1834. Affiliated with the United Methodist Church, it is located in Poultney, Vermont.

19) The Green Mountains, part of the Appalachian Mountain range, extend north to south in central Vermont, with extremities in Massachusetts in the United States and Quebec Province in Canada.

20) Unripe olives are green; the seed or stone of the olive is often removed and the cavity stuffed with spicy edibles such as sweet red pepper.

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