When It Rains, This Building Plays Music

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Music Building, Germany

The complex of Neustadt Kunsthofpassage which is a part of 5 courtyards that has a different theme has a courtyard for music. This courtyard is located in the student district of Dresden, Germany where a particular wall sings when it rains.

The work of sculptor Annette Paul and designers Christoph Roßner and André Tempel who are residents of the building where Annette says that the wall was inspired during her stay in Russia where bad weather would create a rain theatre.

Keeping that in mind, she and her tenants decided to create a network of pipes and tunnels where when it rains, it should amplify the sound and a piece of nice music gets played.

Inspired by the idea of the Rube Goldberg Machine, this building has a network of funnels and pipes where you can hear strange music when raindrops hit the pipes and flow down.

Since it’s installation, the building has been a top tourist attraction place whenever it rains and a local favorite place in Dresden.

A part of courtyards, the other courtyards here include Hof des Lichts, or “Courtyard of Light,” Hof der Tiere, “Courtyard of Animals,” and Hof der Metamorphosen, “Courtyard of the Metamorphoses.”

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