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A Change in Career A Change in You

Some of us have the opportunity to start our own business but everyone will not become successful, and some of our work under a boss as an employee, in both cases, we work for day and night and we believe that this is it.

Then what is the problem when earning is good and being happy!

It is not the case where you don’t have any problems, life is too hard but only a few lucky ones get rich soon by creating opportunities or born with a silver spoon who can Invest more and earn more, but definitely not me and in your case as well, I guess.

Suppose, if you are involved in any mentally challenging work like software, marketing, etc.. You will end up getting a headache, forgetting soon problem, etc.

Suppose, if you are involved in any physical work like working in garments, mining, etc.. to earn money and lead your life, generally, you end up saving few bucks after spending all your expenses. Any day did you care about your health? You will end up with back pain, leg pain, etc.

I bet 90% of the people choose their career without having a choice! There may be many reasons behind, such as their economic conditions may be poor, or early responsibility, lack of awareness, lack of opportunity, etc.

In this case, even if you get appreciation from others you will be unhappy because you feel you deserve something else. Sometimes, these thoughts make you stop progressing in your growth curve.

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Have we been educated to be like this?

In Schools, the teachers teach us different subjects like English, History, Science, and Math but do not teach how to lead life healthy and wealthy. We have just learned the basics to be able to integrate into our life.

But the integration does not work! … we all have the same desire to succeed, to be better but the society did not give us practical exposure on how real things work.

We still cannot blame anyone, You have to learn yourself to be what you wanted to be. You only need knowledge, but this time you want to learn and you can be fascinated.

What happens if you find the job you’ve always wanted?

You will work more hours in the day compared to your previous job or business but yet you will have some satisfaction with what you are doing even with or without any appreciation.

Your past life has allowed you to acquire a large amount of knowledge and experience that can transmit to others who need that information.

So, for all those who have the will (we all have it, it’s natural), they have an opportunity that no society has had before us.

What if you are not satisfied even though you changed your career?

There will be no regrets in the future that you should have done it somehow, the knowledge you gain every moment which cannot be taught by anyone, you yourself gained it, which may help in your future.

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