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Baikuntha Shukla: Indian Revolutionary Hanged For His Act

Baikuntha Shukla belonged to a family, which had already given India a capable freedom fighter. He was the nephew of Yogendra Shukla, one of the famous personalities who founded the Republican Socialist Association of Hindustan (HSRA).

Born in this family, Baikuntha grew up in an environment that made him a true revolutionary nationalist. His life was short, but his actions for India left a profound impact on many Indians of his time.

Baikuntha Shukla Biography

NameBaikuntha Shukla
Date of Birth1907
Birth PlaceVillage of Jalalpur, Bihar
FounderHindustan Socialist Republican Association (HSRA)
Date of DeathMay 14, 1934
Death PlaceGaya Central Prison

History of Baikuntha Shukla

The great Indian nationalist was born in 1907 in the village of Jalalpur, Bihar. He was only able to reach elementary school and then he became a Teacher in Mathurapur.

During this period, he came into contact with Kishori Prasanna Singh, who was an active freedom fighter. Kishori took the young enthusiast under his wing and trained him as a revolutionary.

The Murder of Phanindra Nath Ghosh

HSRA was an active group, strongly influenced by the Soviet revolution. Working on the Soviet model, the members of the HSRA organized and carried out several attacks against British officials.

The objective of the group was to make the British government understand that the Indians no longer wanted to tolerate their submission.

However, the organization wanted to extend its ideology more deeply into Indian society. To achieve this, young revolutionaries like Baikuntha Shukla helped to popularize the HSRA motto to free themselves completely from British supremacy and domination.

In this sense, the murder of JP Saunders was carried out. Later, the members of the HSRA bombed the Central Legislature.

Although Bhagat Singh and Batukeshwar Dutta did not flee and were captured, many more revolutionaries were captured when the police raided the bomb factories run by HSRA.

Among them, there was a called Phanindra Nath Ghosh. When the authorities tortured him, he gave in and revealed where there were many members of the HSRA.

The British police left Phanindra Nath free and even gave him protection at his residence. The members of HSRA were deeply shocked by the betrayal of Phanindra Nath.

They wanted revenge and for this purpose, the main members Sadashiv Rao Malpurkar and Bhagwan Das were selected.

However, due to a miscalculation, the murder failed. It was then that Baikuntha Shukla showed up and volunteered for the task. Seeing his determination, the members agreed to let him take it.

In his mission, he was accompanied by Chandrama Ghosh. On October 9, 1932, while Phanindra Nath ran his business in his store, the duo toppled him.

After the murder, they fled immediately and took refuge in the home of the revolutionary Ram Vinod.

Death of Baikuntha Shukla

Baikuntha Shukla and her partner spent a few days in the residence of the revolutionary. However, as the threat of capture increased, Baikuntha insisted that Chandrama flee because he was married and had a family to care for.

When his partner left, he left his hiding place and lived his life without fear. He even visited the markets and continued his life as if nothing had happened.

However, in due time, the police became aware of his location and on July 6, 1933, he was arrested. He was found guilty of murder. On May 14, 1934, he was hanged at the Gaya Central Prison.

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