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Can Ethics and Politics Go Together or Should They Be Differentiated?

Ethics and Politics should go together hand in hand, unfortunately, in today’s scenario, both are going far from each other. The political system was created to solve the problems of the people in the country but politics itself became a problem today.

An unethical person may take power unethically, but someday he will be punished for his actions in front of the people.

Here 2 points to be questioned:

1) Do common people/voters also encourage politicians to take unethical actions?

Ans: I say “yes” and “no”, yes, because voters who are poor take money from politicians at the time of the elections, assuring them that they will vote for him, only poor? What about the educated ones? Even they are influenced in the same way, but their image is not visible in society because they can manage the information not to go outside.

We think it is an unethical way of giving power, right? But these people will have their own reasons, the main reason is that they are financially deprived and want to obtain all possible means to earn money and this is one of the ways for them.

Therefore, they will participate in these activities, but sooner after the election, they will realize that they have chosen the wrong person when they go and ask for help.

2) The unethical politicians will be punished by the law, without any dought, but the question arises at what cost?

Ans: The politicians who are involved in corruption, scams, and other fraud activities will be caught someday and will be punished, but valuable time, people sufferings, peoples trust, economic and development loss everything cannot be returned back even though he is punished.

Importance of Ethics in Politics

a) Ethics plays an important role in democracy, the unethical behavior of politicians not only decreases people’s trust in them but also weakness people’s confidence in democracy.

b) Transparency and Accountability in politics are also needed since a person without these ideas can probably be corrupt.

c) The pro-activeness by the leaders in initiating the moral grounds and Ethics in politics which shapes the image of the country in front of the people, and build hope for the better future.

How Ethics Are Decaying In Politics?

Politicians use wrong means to be in power, they use every weakness of the people as an opportunity in society. To tell you exactly they involve caste, religion, NGOs, reservation quotas, gender, money, influence, etc. in the political system and create violence by using them if things don’t happen their way.

Even the political parties sometimes compromise with ethics because of which we are seeing the jointly forming governments by different parties even though they both have ideological differences and the principles. Hence they cannot give good governance for a long time…

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In the long run, only a political party led by ethical principles can win people’s trust and gain power. We can see the current political scenario in the country where corrupt politicians are punished and politicians who can give good governance are elected.

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