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Climb the Corporate Ladder the Upfront Way

When people look around to be guided to make progress in their careers, they expect a lea-bag’ type of direction. They expect to be offered shortcuts, largely prompted by wrong beliefs that ascent on the corporate ladder is facilitated if you have links. But the truth is that there are no shortcuts, though there could be some who succeed in that manner, ad interim of course.

To be able to move up a rung is one matter, but sustaining yourself in a position is another and which calls for abilities and intelligence. The issue of earning admiration and reliability to be able to be reposed the confidence to head and superintend is also of great significance. It should be remembered that victory is won not in miles but in inches. You need to win little by little honestly.

And most importantly, the harder the conflict, the more glorious will be your achievements. So, how do you ascend the corporate ladder? Some tips that have stood the test of time are:

1. Refrain From Adopting Devious Means

 If you were to conspire and machinate to ascend the corporate ladder, you will be wasting more time on making underhand plans for the purpose. The time could well be put to better use engendering new concepts, working-hard and improving oneself to face various challenges. These will have definite long-term advantages. This does not relegate the significance of career planning at all.

You ought to identify ways and means to improve your efficiency and attain your career goals. That would also entail networking and liaison. Adoption of methods that are not upfront is a highly demanding Endeavour and sooner or later, delivers negative results. People will get to know about your ulterior motives and refrain from depending on you.

2. Engender Concepts

Concepts are legal tender in any corporate setup. That does not imply that you flood your boss and management with new ideas. Your ideas have to be relevant to the workplace – they should be such that if implemented, efficiency and productivity is boosted. Considering your inexperience, any concept that you put across may require

F deliberations and modifications and that could be undertaken by somebody more adept. Under such circumstances, you should be willing to share, the success could follow. You need to work for a cause and not for applause.

3. Be Ready To Sweat It Out

Hard slog is one of the many things that youngsters want to avoid. Your desire to learn ways and means of moving up the corporate ladder is contingent on how serious you are to move up. If you are really earnest about it, you will have to toil for it and bear innumerable costs too.

There is no particular recipe to ascend the corporate ladder, but from whichever position that you begin with, hard work is inescapable. Remember that without hard work, nothing grows but weeds.

Be a leading light If you are relatively young, this may appear to be contrary to your general perception. If you yet to climb the first step, how can you be front runner?

Leadership does not mean trailblazing it simply implies that you have to adopt a heads posture, that is, encourage and arouse others. You will automatically get to know how to ascend the corporate ladder if you are at ease with evolving teamwork in your working fraternity.

While it is essential that you remain positive and keep the morale of everyone high, particularly when the going is tough, it in no way entails being dictatorial. You should avoid passing orders because that is a boss’s prerogative and good bosses simply make their intentions known. Their intentions are taken as virtual orders. What you ought to do is be accountable and take initiative to deliver and get work done by others.

A good employee does not necessarily wait for guidance at each step; in fact, he acts in over all organizational interests.

You need to always remain focused and be simple. To be simple, you have to get your thinking untainted and spotless. This is worth its weight in gold because eventually when you do get to the zenith, you will be in a position to move anything, including the tallest mountain on this earth.

You will automatically get to know ways and means of ascending the corporate ladder if you do the right things right. And that entails having the capacity to deliver results much exceeding organizational expectations.

You have to sacrifice and work hard to ascend the corporate ladder. At the same time, you need to have faith in yourself so that you are well-geared to fight to reach your dream. This surely necessitates disciplining yourself to do what you know is right and important. It could be difficult alright, but that is the best way to pride, self-respect, self-satisfaction and success. Have you ever heard of anyone who has drowned in his own sweat?

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