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Measures to Control Population Explosion in India

Rapid population growth is India’s main problem. It has become the cause of various socio-economic problems like poverty, unemployment, food problems, social problems, etc. In fact, population growth has eaten up all progress made during the planning period. Therefore, the growth of our population must be controlled.

These are important measures to control the population explosion.

1. Family Planning Measures

Family planning is an important device for controlling the population explosion. Family planning means “Limiting the size of the family by conscious efforts”. The motto of family planning is “Child by choice, and not by chance” family planning is an instrument of social transformation.

Family planning methods can be adopted in 2 ways. They are

a) Birth Controls

Birth control methods of family planning are:

  • Use of contraceptives
  • Use of loops
  • Safe abortion
  • Laparoscopy

b) Moral Controls

Moral control methods includes the following:

  • Postponement of marriage
  • Practice of celibacy
  • Self restraints
  • Professional prostitution
  • Raising the age of marriage

2. Economic Measures

The economic measures help a common man in a lot of areas which indirectly helps to have smaller family that controls population explosion mentioned are as follows:

a) Rapid Industrial Development

Rapid Industrialization generates more employment to the people which makes people think to have a smaller family because of various reasons like to curb the expenses and save the money for future, to have better standard of living, less time to take care of their children, etc.

b) Provision of Education

In previous generations, people were having dozens of children and suffering from poverty mainly because of lack of education or awareness hence, by proving proper education people will be awarded what steps they should take that indirectly helps in having a small family.

c) Agricultural Development

Many farmers because of less income they want to have more kids so that they can send their children to work and earn more money. If Government can support farmers in production, marketing, and proper value for their grown crops this problem may reduce.

d) Development of Trade and Commerce

The development of trade and commerce will increase the standard of living which indirectly help to control the growth of population.

e) Incentives and Disincentives

The government must implement this system where Incentives must be given to the people who is following the family planning method whereas they must disincentive for the people who are not following the rules. This is the best way to control population explosion.

3. Social Measures

You may be thing how social measure can help in controlling population explosion, here are some of the measures that indirectly make people to have small family.

a) Improving the status of women

Government is trying to provide equal opportunities in education, employment, political, social and cultural fields. Hence our women is thinking to reduce the size of their family and concentrate on other developmental activities.

b) Removal of Ignorance

In India most of the people are illiterate and ignorant. Therefore ignorance and unscientific attitude have to be change.

c) Increasing the age of Marriage

One of the quick measures to slowdown the growth of our population is increasing the minimum age of marriage for both male and female.

d) Provision of social security facilities

To reduce the dependency of parents on their children during the old age Government is providing several social security facilities like old-age pension, accidental benefit, widow pension, etc. Like other schemes even here Government should adopt the Direct Benefit Transfer Scheme to eliminate middleman’s so that it reaches the right person at right time. This way people likely to think to have fewer kids.


To conclude I would say it is not only the responsibility of Government even NGO’s, society, and individuals should work creating awareness. Today almost everyone using social media, it can be used as tool to create awareness and control population explosion in India.

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