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Prem Krishna Khanna (1894 – 1993)

Prem Krishna Khanna was a great fighter for freedom and a revolutionary who is closely associated with the Hindustan Socialist Republican Association.

The Hindustan republication association was a revolutionary organization that was established in 1928 in New Delhi by Chandrasekhar Azad, Bhagat Singh, and others.

Prem Krishna Khanna was one of the great activists of the revolution who actively participated in this revolutionary organization and served the freedom of this nation.

He was famous for his association with Ram Prasad Bismil and Ashfaqualla Khan. Krishana Khanna was one of 9 associates under the leadership of Bismil.

Prem Krishna Khanna Biography

NamePrem Krishna Khanna
Date of Birth2nd January 1894
Birth PlaceLahore, Pakistan
Organization AssociatedHindustan Socialist Republican Association
PartyIndian National Congress
FatherRam Krishna Khanna
Date of Death3rd August 1993
Death PlaceShahjahanpur, Uttar Pradesh

History of Prem Krishna Khanna

He was born on 2nd January 1894, in Lahore, now in Pakistan. He was the only child of his parents. Prem Krishna Khanna belongs to a rich family.

His father was Ram Krishna Khanna, who worked as division chief of the Indian Railways Shahjahanpur.

Ram Krishna Khanna was honored with the Raibahadur crown by the British government for his honesty and diligent discharge work. He was born at the time his father was sent to Lahore. Prem was raised by his parents in different places.

From his childhood, he was too passionate to read. Krishna Khanna began reading books of a seditious nature that belong to the history of the different revolution instead of reading his textbooks. Krishna Khanna was active in politics and Congress.

Krishna Khanna License for the Mauser Pistol

Krishna Khanna was a rich person. His father had a prestigious name among the British authorities. His father was the only reason to obtain a contract from the railway authorities. Prem Krishna Khanna began his first job as a contractor for the railway.

The work he did on the railroad ran the risk of decoys and thieves. Then Krishna Khanna obtained the gun license for the Mauser gun for his personal safety.

At that time, the Mauser gun was considered the best weapon. This gun was useful for his personal protection, as well as for all kinds of revolutionary actions.

Krishna Khanna as a Revolutionary Activist with Ram Prasad Bismil

Krishna Khanna felt more patriotic after reading many revolutionary books. He joined the revolutionary organization that was named Hindustan Socialist Republican Association.

The Pandit Ram Prasad Bismil was a person who is still looking for firearms and ammunition.

Bismil contacted Prem Krishna Khanna and allowed him to join the associates who were led by Bismil. Khanna has established a close relationship with Ram Prasad Bismil.

Krishna Khanna in the Conspiracy of Kokri and his Death

Krishna Khanna participated vigorously in the revolutionary activities organized by Ram Prasad Bismil and other members of the Republican Hindu Association.

On August 9, 1925, Bismil and his revolutionary associates planned to steal the treasury of the government that was transported by the British to the eighth passenger train Down Sharanpur-Lucknow.

The majority of the members who participated in this work were captured by the British police and sentenced to death, including Lahir, Bismil, and Khan.

He lived for the welfare of the freedom fighter when he remained in Uttar Pradesh. But Prem Krishna Khanna was punished with 5 years in prison. He died on August 3, just 6 months before his 100th birthday.

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