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What Sets Apart Instagram In The Realm Of Social Media Marketing?

Social Media is expanding to a remarkable extent, with more than 3.5 billion users. Brands now shift from traditional marketing methods towards social media marketing strategies.

The reason is social media marketing displays the tremendous potential to generate high ROI. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat, and many more are massive players in the world of social media.

Among these array of social media platforms, Instagram has the highest acclamation. Your brand identity will get an absolute solid boost and attract huge traffic on Instagram. Moreover, it has gained fame due to its ease of usage, market penetration, and maximum user engagement.

Some leading facts shared by Statista in 2019, are that around 800 million people use Instagram actively month on month. On Instagram, 80% of users have at least one business account. 

Instagram stands apart from others due to some extraordinary features.

Encourages Engagement

Instagram provides your brand the chance to run polls, ask questions, and tag others in your Instagram stories. A lot of buzz is created online, and in turn, your reach expands considerably.

Your posts will get an undeniable number of viewers gradually due to Instagram’s immense potential audience. To increase the engagement and the outreach, you can enter suitable hashtags to your posts. 

Also, you can post high-quality photos and short videos. You can use some of the best promo video maker online free available.

Captures Mobile Users Market

Unlike the past, people now go and search straight on their mobile devices rather than on computers. Smartphones are more popular nowadays than any other device.

Your entire social network has shifted to mobiles. Instagram’s mobile-based functionality is much popular. There are some exceptional features available on Instagram that can help your brand take a high lift.

Expands The Market Outreach

Users of the platform view more videos and share more content. Your brand would face lesser competition on Instagram. Despite this, to build your market potential, solid efforts are needed, month in and month out.

You can collaborate with other users by sponsorships or becoming a partner. As a result, your brand will add value to your existing followers and also get a new audience.

It Is All About Visual Content

Pictures are the best medium to share a story. Photographs and videos bring life and retention into the viewers. Instagram has all these features

Online marketers prefer to use visuals over posting texts and messages. Visuals induce the right audience to revisit your business page for more information. In their search for some unique, creative, and intensive content, they can get hooked to your page. 

Keeps Track Of The Competitors

With Instagram, you can analyze your competitor’s marketing strategies and how they engage with their customers. You can also find out the best practices prevailing in their circles to define your brand image.

Plus, your audiences can be compared with the competitors’ bucket of customer-base.

Instagram Stories

The present audience on Instagram looks up to sharing authentic stories that relate to them. Building stories based on the kind of audience brings a lot of traction. When brands do this, it becomes phenomenal.

The feature of stories has opened a new realm of opportunities for brands. In addition, you can go for tagging, hashtags, text, and much more.

Creates Niche Communities

In comparison to other social media platforms, Instagram enables to create powerful communities with ease.

Whether you are an artist, musician, designer, marketer, or influencer, you can reach out to anyone you want. With over a billion active users, this app has become a happening platform that many communities gravitate towards, to say the least.

Likewise, brands can leverage this core feature to build strong communities to grow their business.


Bloggers find the Instagram platform more productive and result-oriented. Users get prompt visuals for sharing. 

You can post relevant pictures or videos in tune with your captions in a few words. This trend has gone a big success for brand promotions.

Lesser words with impactful videos bring in more engagement. You can use the Instagram video editor by InVideo for getting better results.

Clutter-Free User Interface

Instagram stands apart from other social media apps because it has a smart user interface. 

Instagram has a website, but still, users prefer the mobile app. There are tons of videos and images floating from the world. Yet, every single user gets suggested videos and photos as per their demographics and search history.

Highest Number Of Active Buyers

Instagram is the most reputed and reliable online marketplace. One-third of Instagram users make their purchases via this platform. 

This is because Instagram is the most reliable form of gaining knowledge about brands. When shopping on the platform, you can check their market reviews, customer base, number of followers, stories, the personality of the founders, and much more. 

Quality Ad Making Tools

You can add high-resolution photos to showcase your brand. You can make videos up to a pre-defined number of minutes.

Their carousel Ads helps you to make impactful stories and brand intros. You can swipe up to 10 images or videos, each of them with a CTA button. 

The Story Ads are the full-screen ads that help you share photos and videos both to your audiences.

Helps To Create Native Advertising

You get a great opportunity to market your brand straight to the potential customer base. On Instagram, brands are able to reach their followers’ feeds and find out their local lifestyle habits. 

In this manner, you can build your brand image by connecting with their way of life. You can make relevant stories, videos, or social campaigns targeting this special customer base.

Instagram: The Future Of Digital Marketing

Instagram gives you the space to build your brands’ online presence. Marketing via this social networking site has become inevitable now. Your brand stands to get an expansion of visibility in the online market.

However, the right methods of its usage is also a key. Just like any other social media platform, Instagram has its own limitations, such as less space for captions, hashtags, and bio characters. 

In spite of its drawbacks, you need to make your brand visible on Instagram as early as possible. This would reap tremendous benefits in the years to come.

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