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Why You Forget People’s Names? How Important in Business to Remember?

Hey, I’m sorry I remember you but I forgot your name I am bad at remembering names (don’t feel embarrassed yourself because everyone forgets names it’s common). This situation is quite often definitely you had faced once in a while right?

Names are a uniquely difficult type of information to remember. They are arbitrary and seem to slip from our minds even when we try to remember them, sometimes we forget in seconds when we meet new people and we ask their names once again to save their cell phone numbers for that we are so embarrassed ourself. Not to worry because it is not only I or You who do it, it is most people’s problem.

How Important to Remember People’s Names in Business?

The name is the centerpiece of the identity and your ears straighten when you hear it, as we know that the first impression is the best impression, remembering that names play an important role. So if you can learn the skill to remember the names it makes a good impression and helps in building stronger business relationships when you meet your clients or customers.

In this article, I will help you to overcome this problem and give you the best tips to remember names, before that we’ll dig a little deeper into why we forget names soon?

Reasons For Why We Forget Names Soon?

If someone doesn’t remember your name you think like they don’t care about you in particular but the problem is not about caring it’s about the type of information we deal with. Names are the hard type of information to care about because they’re entirely arbitrary information.

There is a lot of scientific research that has been done on why it’s hard to remember the names and they reveal to us that a single word is more difficult to remember like Jack or Harry than descriptive words like the statue of liberty. The arbitrary information is just the names there are many including phone numbers, addresses, mathematics, etc

And moreover, the words which are connected to our emotions are easy to remember for example if you like any person’s acting in a movie you’ll easily recall his name compared to an actor who is less impressed with you.

How to Remember People’s Names?

When you meet the people and start talking mention their names in between the conversation like hello Jack nice to meet you today, or thanks Jack I learned a lot from you today, etc. instead if you just try to remember the name you’ll forget for sure. This behavior makes our brain interact with the information in different ways and helps in remembering by creating new neural pathways.

If anything is important that you need it as a future reference it’s better to write it down in a book it may be phone numbers, names, addresses, passwords, or any financial decision.

No matter how much clever you are or use any techniques to remember you still forget some names, don’t feel bad about it because even the opposite person may forget your name as well because names are hard to remember inherently.

Tips to Use Your Skill and ask their Name

  • You can just wait for some time and see if they mention their name in the conversation.
  • You can just ask what’s your Instagram handle or what’s the exact spelling to save their name on your phone.

If you don’t get the opportunity to ask you can straight away tell sorry I forgot your name so most people understand this and not a problem.

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