Why Your Business Needs Video Marketing?

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Reasons For Why Business Needs Video Marketing

Video marketing, as an essential part of the marketing strategy for businesses in various industries, has gained importance in recent times. In fact, it is now considered one of the most effective marketing strategies rather than one of the available options. Some of the critical business factors leaning in favor of video marketing are:

1. Customer Base

Cisco systems predicted that the number of online video consumers will double to 1.5 billion by 2015, and it happened. No business can afford to miss out on this channel with such a growing consumer base right?

2. Degree of interactivity

The digital medium gives you the opportunity to better interact with your customers. It gives you the ability to effectively explain your products and services to your customers or prospects. It gives you the opportunity to use your emotions, your body language and instantly you get the customer’s reactions.

3. Customer experience

With a video of the product that demonstrates the various uses of the product, the customer gets a real-time feel of the product and its various benefits. Videos offer better engagement with the users. They add visual value to the text content to make it more interesting and lively.

According to a study, 1 minute of video is equivalent to 1.38 million words. And about 100 million viewers watch videos every day, 90% of online shoppers admitted that videos help them make a better shopping decision.

4. Better engagement

You can market any product or service through video because communication is much better through videos. They are fun to watch and more engaging than the text-based promotional efforts of traditional marketing channels.

You need to create an engaging, informative, and fun video and distribute it to as many clients or prospects as possible; you can upload the video to your website, also share it with other popular online video sharing platforms like YouTube and Daily Motion, etc. These online platforms are visited by billions of viewers every day.

As the saying goes, “a picture speaks a thousand words” by extending the word “picture” to “video” and bringing life to pictures and text you are rejuvenating your marketing campaign.

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