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Best Ways to Answer “Why Do You Want This Job?”

As a job seeker, you will hear this question often from the interviewer “Why do you want this job?” Today, I will help you how to answer this question that convinces the interviewer and have a high chance to be selected for the job you applied.

You may be frustrated hearing this question but for HR and the company this is a very important question to be asked, Do you know why? They will ask questions very cleverly and smartly because the company has to provide you the training by investing hours of time and money, if you are the kind of person who doesn’t have an interest in continuing for a long time then all resources invested on you becomes waste for the company.

Definitely, you will come across this question in all the companies in an interview for sure. So be prepared to answer “Why do you want this job?”

Why Do They Ask This Question?

There are mainly 3 reasons to ask this question, as follows:

  1. They want to see whether you are not only behind money or you have some goals to achieve.
  2. They want to see your commitment and not stepping out when you find a better offer.
  3. They want to see how much value you can provide to the company.

How to Answer “Why Do You Want This Job?”

  • Firstly you need to convince the interviewer by showing the interest and great enthusiasm towards the job.
  • You have to sell yourself by telling what all the skills you have and how that is going to help the particular position of the job.
  • Tell them you have the relevant degree or masters that match the job.
  • Praise the company a little bit from the data you researched before, regarding their achievements, their work for society, etc. and tell them you want to be part of it.

Here if you have the experience in the job you can convince the interviewer how your skills helped the previous company by showcasing the portfolio and what all you learned from the experience, but what about a fresher?

If you are a Fresher you can show them the certification courses you went through, or the Internship you made, and convince the interviewer that you are a fast learner and you’ll adopt the new work environment soon.

These are the things you need to keep in mind while answering the question “Why do you want this job?”. Even though you do not have relevant skills, you need to have the skill to convince the interviewer that you can fit into the job. Again it all depends on the type of job you applied. For example, if you applied for a coding job and you don’t even know the basics then companies won’t entertain you whereas if you have computer skills but don’t know some tools then they might select and train you.

Sample Answers

Why Do You Want This Job Sample Answers, Why Do You Want This Job Interview Question
Job Interview Sample Answers

Answer #1

“After reading the job description in detail, I believe the skills and qualities I have are a perfect match for the job. On top of that, after conducting extensive research on your organization, your reputation and your ambitious plans for the future make me very attractive to work with. Finally, this is a job that I believe I can excel at, and on that basis, if I pass the interview today, I plan to stay with you for a long time”.

Answer #2

“I highly admire your company’s values and principles and would love to work in a team that is the best you people have. Also, companies’ reputation for rewarding hard workers is something that really appeals to me. I have no doubt that I will succeed in this company that motivates me to produce good results”.

Answer #3

“To be honest, I have grown up by seeing your company ads on television from my childhood and using your products as well. It was my dream to work in your company and today I got the opportunity to give an interview, I adopted relevant skills that your company needs by researching and I believe I would do a better job if I am placed”.

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Whether you got selected or not have a positive attitude throughout the interview process, sometimes that can fetch you the job as a competitive advantage. The question why do you want this job? you need to think not only because you have to answer the interviewer, but also you should be clear yourself why you are applying for it.

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