Can I Study in Japanese High School After Completing Junior High School in My Country?

Can I Study in Japanese High School After Completing Junior High School in My Country, Can Indian school students can get admission in Japanese schools, Japanese Schools, japan education system facts, Question and Answer
Japanese High School

Yes, Japanese schools allow foreign students to study after completing junior high school in your country. But before going there you must question yourself many things, some of the questions are below.

  1. Why do you want to study at a Japanese school?
  2. Did you learn the Japanese language at least basics?
  3. Do you know Japanese school culture?
  4. Is anyone living in Japan to take care of you?
  5. Did you research about Japanese schools?

Every country is different in terms of communication, culture, practices, etc. So, when you are planning to go to a different country to study, you need to make sure you researched well before you make the decision.

Studying in Japan is a tough decision I would say, you may feel difficult if you are an average student and hard to cope up with their studies and their environment. Everyone knows that Japanese schools follow the tough rules and regulations that may look entirely different from your country. Recently I have posted a listicle 10 Shocking Facts About Japanese Schools you can check it out.

You should not only research about Japanese schools, even you have to research about the social life in Japan because it is important when you are living there. Recently I noticed that most of the suicides happen in Japan because of their stressful life and even making friends in Japan is difficult. If you can adjust to the environment and the culture of the Japanese go ahead, if not think again.

The reason for planning to study in Japan may differ from person to person, it may be your choice or because your parents have to move on because of work, etc.

What’s the Solution I would Recommend?

I would suggest learning the Japanese language before you go there, and also research well about the school and the country. Make sure you have someone present there to look after you if something goes wrong.

With globalization now the world has become one village, so check whether if your country’s schools are opened in Japan. Then it will be easy for you to study there with more support or else if your parents start working there they can apply for a dependent visa on your behalf. You can apply for international schools from your country itself so that if you are accepted you can go there instead of going there and searching for schools.

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