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Don’t Make These 5 Mistakes In Your First Year Of Blogging

The first year of your blogging career is crucial where you’ll learn many new things and improve from your learnings. But still, while learning you’ll make many mistakes, to avoid those today, I’m sharing my experience and advising you not to make these 5 mistakes in the first year of your blogging journey.

The mistakes in blogging will have a severe impact on time if you are not updating yourself and follow these actions. You will waste your time, money, and the efforts you made to grow your blog.

1. Don’t Choose a Topic You Are Not Interested In

I have seen many people doing this mistake while starting a blog, people today are confused about whom to follow because everyone acts like a guru’s from beginners to experts. By seeing these people’s content from youtube and blogs you will start a blog and get into a trap, why I call trap? let me explain.

By seeing people showing that they are making hundreds of dollars you’ll follow their advice to start a blog you don’t even have an idea about but you want to earn as they do. The reality is most of them won’t earn actually that much or even if they earn they don’t share with you the strategies they used and the hard work they did.

The first day you will buy a domain and host and start your blog with great enthusiasm, the next day motivation decreases a little bit, the third day, fourth day… as days go on you’ll lose interest because the topic is not your cup of choice.

Select the topic you are passionate about or at least you are interested in it because it is not a one day job, you have to produce thousands of blog post continuously to achieve success. That’s why I am saying don’t fall into a trap by seeing someone’s earning numbers or by seeing the CPC of a keyword.

2. Don’t Copy Others

All the information is already there on the internet there is nothing new to write but still, you have to write in a different way including your emotions, opinions, and recent updates and give a different perspective that makes the content unique from others.

But most people are just dependent on making content plagiarism-free, there is a lot of difference between plagiarism-free content and unique content. The unique content will rank higher and make sense for your reader to come again.

Today a lot of content spinning tools available, by using those people are thinking they have become bloggers they are wrong. Even if the content is based on facts like the news you cannot change much then you can enrich the content by using stats, tables, images, embedding videos, etc.

You can take ideas from different blogs there is nothing wrong, but write in a way such that it should not feel it is copied and try to make your readers find value in your content to come back.

3. Don’t Focus Only on Quality or Quantity

As beginner bloggers, you will be confused about whether you have to focus on quality or quantity? Most of the bloggers just focus on quantity or only focus on quality both are wrong. Let me tell you why?

If you focus on quality you may create awesome content but when you look back after a year you are still stuck with hardly 30-50 articles published. If you have personal branding that’s fine you’ll have followers and your content will rank soon because they start sharing with others, but for new bloggers, there is a drawback because when you have less content chances of ranking becomes less because of fewer keywords used in the overall blog.

In other cases, most bloggers don’t even care about the quality they just wanted to publish as many articles as possible to rank for more keywords and earn more but if the quality is missing the reader never comes back and you’ll start losing rankings by increasing bounce rate.

How to tackle this? You need to balance both quantity and quality at the same time, if you cannot cope with this because of your time constraints I would suggest you have a team of writers for your blog to increase the quantity and don’t pressurize them by giving more target or else again the quality will decrease.

After publishing you cannot forget the article that you have written, you need to check ranking positions, update the latest information, and make the content more qualitative than before.

4. Don’t Forget to Backup

When you start your blog definitely you will make 100’s of mistakes in WordPress, hosting, or while optimizing the speed by putting wrong codes, etc. I am telling this because I personally made many times and even lost the content but good thing is I kept all contents backup so I could able to restore.

Why I am telling this is I don’t want you to make this mistake in your blogging career. Keep multiple backups and place it in various places like your host, your local computer, your external hard disk or Pendrive, and in any cloud storage.

Once you lost the content means it’s gone for ever, in some cases your host can have daily auto backups based on your plan but still you cannot rely totally on them because your host may also get in technical trouble if your time is bad.

If you have the backup there is no problem even if your site got some problem or you did something wrong you can just upload the backup and restore it back.

5. Don’t Give Up Too Soon

Many people create awesome content and they give up saying their contents are not ranking, this is a big mistake because Google has the sandbox period itself for 6 months. Till the time Google won’t trust your blog that much, so for rankings, you need to wait and constantly produce quality content.

According to many studies, one single post you published will take almost 35 weeks to rank with 90% of its maximum chances of ranking. Yes, that’s true many of my articles even ranked after 2 years I have seen personally so instead of thinking of quitting, till then try to increase your followers on social media and get traffic from the platforms that give search engines signal and they help you to rank early.

Come into the blogging industry only if you can produce quality content along with patience because it takes a long time if you are a new blogger to see some traction. So, if you are financially committed then take blogging part-time, once you get confidence you can take it as profession.


If you really want your blog to stay for longer and grow then you should never neglect these mistakes, these are the basic things you must remember and follow in your blogging career.

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