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Dr. N.S. Hardikar – Freedom Fighter

Dr. Narayan Subbarao Hardikar is an Indian freedom fighter and a Congress Politician who was a founding member of Congress Seva Dal. His job was to lecture and sell books to promote indigenous sentiment among the masses. He was supported by Lala Lajpatrai.

NS Hardikar Information

  • Full Name: Narayan Subbarao Hardikar
  • Date of birth‎: ‎7 May 1889
  • Place of birth‎: ‎Dharwad
  • Date of death‎: ‎26 August 1975


Dr. N.S Hardikar was born on 7 May 1889 to Subbarao and Yamunaba in Dharwad, Karnataka and he studied Physicians and Surgeons in Calcutta and moved to the US for higher education. 

His Activities

During his years in America where he studied M.Sc in Public Health from the University of Michigan, he met Lala Lajpat Rai and became one of his close associates. He became an activist and an active participant in many political activities held in America. Due to his active presence in many political activities, Hardikar became secretary of the Home Rule League and helped organise the Indian Workers Union of America.

He also served as the president of the Hindustan Association of America. His voice about India was expressed in the journal Young India which he was an editor and the journal was observed by Senator France of Maryland on the Foreign Relations Committee and he said “a valuable service in acquainting the people of America with the grave problems which confronted the people of India”.

In the year 1921, Dr. N. S. Hardikar returned to India, and during Flag Satyagraha of 1923 he participated, and along with Hubli Seva Mandal, they gained national prominence after they refused the order from the British.

Thus with the resistance, Hardikar helped to set up Congress to groom a band of volunteers to combat the British Raj. And during the Kakinada Congress Session of 1923, a 13-member committee under Hardikar formed Hindustani Seva Mandal which was renamed as Seva Mandal. Dr. Hardikar was later appointed as elected general secretary of the Karnataka Pradesh Congress Committee.

Post Independence

Post-Independence, Dr. Hardikar helped to form Karnataka Health Institute at Ghataprabha and he was a 2-time Rajya Sabha MP from Karnataka. He was conferred Padma Bhushan in the year 1958. Dr. Hardikar died on 26 August 1975. 

Department of Post issued a commemorative stamp in his honor in 1989 in honor of the great freedom fighter Dr. N. S Hardikar

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