How Much a Blog Can Earn With 1K, 10K, and 100K Page Views?

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Blog Earning Based on Pageviews

I know you are eager to know the answer how much a blog can earn with 1k, 10k, and 100k page views in a month?

These questions normally come to the bloggers’ mind who just started the blog or the blogger who is getting more traffic but not able to monetize well but experienced bloggers don’t even care for these things trust me, I will give you the answer why in this post read till the end.

How much really a blog earns when your blog traffic is 1k, 10k, and 100k? Every blog in the industry gives you the same answer “it depends“. What is the reason?

Well the blog is not assured by any company how much they pay you, earnings depend on various factors such as:

  • How much traffic do you get?
  • What are the ways your blog has been monetized?
  • From which location the reader comes and clicks the ad?
  • The niche/keyword you selected has demand in the market or not?
  • Whether you have a trusted community?
  • How much the advertiser is ready to spend on ads, etc…

Let us divide the page views and try to answer the question

1,000 page views a month = At this stage of your blog you probably opt for your first earning method i.e. Google AdSense that may pay you on an average 2$ a month and you may include some affiliate links from Amazon or any other websites to your content that may earn you around 3-5$, totally you may start earning 2-7$ a month, not more.

Don’t get demotivated here because you just started and you should give time to grow but if you are totally depending only on AdSense you probably earn less even after growing pageviews.

10,000 page views a month = At this stage of your blog you will be a little serious about increasing the page views and you will be knowing by experience what type of content will get you more traffic you just need to increase the quantity of content. And it is easy to grow from 10k to 100k pageviews compared to 0 to 10k views a month.

Here I probably say you go with Ezoic Ads, it’s not the best option but still, when it is compared to Google AdSense you will be earning more and even you cannot apply for premium ad networks because you still won’t meet their requirements in terms of pageviews.

The Ezoic RPM rate is quite good it is around 3$ to 20$ on an average, here depending on your Industry you may earn on an average from 20$-100$ a month and if you have affiliate links on your site you may earn around 200-250$ in total you may earn around 150$-350$ a month.

1,00,000 page views a month = At this stage, your blog has now become a business where you’ll be earning a good monthly income after struggling a lot. You can expect around 2000$-5000$ and it may cross even more, in this time period you will be opting for a premium ad network to get ads for your blog such as Mediavine, Adthrive, etc. and you can expect around 12-20$ RPM for 1000 page views which in tuns earns you more.

When it comes to affiliate you can earn around 1000$-2000$ based on the affiliate you joined and percentage of profits you get. Here you can optimize by testing different affiliate programs and figure out the best working for you to increase the revenue.

The other best way to monetize your site at this stage is creating your own info products and promoting in your blog posts, here info product means anything that is downloadable it may be a course or an e-book selling for your readers and followers, this way you can level up your income.

I will cover all the ad networks available to monetize your site in upcoming blog posts…don’t miss!

Is there any other way to monetize your blog?

Yes, how can I forget Guest Posts? Guest posts are an amazing way to earn money from your blog once you have built enough content and gain trust by building a brand, people and companies contact you through mail asking to put a guest post on your site with a link to their site in return they’ll pay you some good amount.

Here the amount is not fixed you can negotiate with them and fix the price, some people ask you to write an article and put the link some people give you the ready-made content you just need to publish the article. Great way right?

Recently I found a site they provide guest posts for blogs you just need to publish it and the money will be added to your account instantly, the name of the website is called Flyout where they’ll act as a mediator between you as a blogger and companies who wants to publish articles on various blogs like yours.

I have earned my first guest post from the Flyout 39$, you just have to create the account and get approved by following the steps mentioned and you are ready to go.

Why don’t experienced bloggers won’t care these things?

Not all the experienced bloggers won’t care about these things but few people once they reach to a level where they receive the regular income, they don’t bother struggling more or finding new methods to monetize. But still, they also would have searched these questions at the beginning of their blogging career just like you.


I would say you need to do a lot of trial and error whether it is for increasing traffic nor the monetization part and the answer for how much a blog earn for 1k, 10k, and 100k views are different from person to person but you need to build the readers who are interested in your niche by engaging them all the time, then the scope of monetization automatically increases.

To be fact, there is no maximum earning limit, you can earn anywhere from 0 to infinity all possibilities are there in blogging only thing is how you take the steps in achieving the desired number of profits by working hard and smart.

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