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IT Careers And Their Qualifiers

Among all the business functions today that rely on advanced career-level qualifications for rapid progression and growth, perhaps none is as prevalent in the global job market as IT certifications.

In fact, professional certifications in various IT fields have marked some of the compensation programs this decade, while college degrees have taken a back seat. Many of the existing IT certifications are product and platform-specific, while some of them rely heavily on practices and processes based on the latest and fastest systems and processes.

Ultimately, this translates to the fact that almost all IT professionals in the world today need to obtain professional certification beyond their academic qualifications.

Here’s a quick look at why professional certifications will typically enhance an IT career while examining the most in-demand IT fields and functions that will require certification from fast-growing aspiring professionals.

Technical Proficiency Validation

Mastery of a particular technology or vendor-specific platform is beyond the scope of the average college degree. While experts agree that academic qualifications are essential in laying the foundation for programming and associated computing knowledge, this is simply not enough in today’s world of rapidly evolving technologies and specialized technology fields, i.e. be it enterprise resource planning applications or even web development technologies.

Several specific IT product platforms, Microsoft or Amazon Cloud Technologies, for example, require IT certifications on their respective products so that a professional can even apply for jobs in those particular technologies.

Continuous Skills Upgradation

Another important reason why IT certifications are vital for career progression in different fields is the need for continuous updating of skills in the IT profession to keep updated with new technologies in their fields of expertise. .

Any particular IT certification in technology does not have a long lifespan and most IT careers require ongoing testing and renewal to qualify for new technologies. This results in continuous improvement of the professional’s skills, ensuring the employer that the candidate is on par with the latest technology skills and knowledge – an obvious choice for employers seeking certified professionals and applicants looking for fast-growing IT careers.

Knowledge Upgradation

Being part of a serious, committed and high-performing professional community is an important part of the overall added value that a certified IT professional ultimately possesses.

Communities and comprehensive online forums are made up of certified professionals who share their knowledge, updates, challenges, and opinions on technologies. It should also be remembered that these are increasingly becoming the biggest hunting ground for company recruiters.

The most valuable IT certifications are cloud computing, solution architecture, network security, artificial intelligence, big data, mobile app development, etc… start your IT career today with a certification that will sure to add instant value.

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