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Sidhu Murmu First Tribal Freedom Fighter

Sidhu Murmu was a well-known name of the Santhal rebellion who fought against British rule and the corruption caused by the upper castes and zamindars in the part that is now known as Jharkhand.

He is the person who has great importance in history and is known by the rebel who gave against the British government this time.

Sidhu Murmu was known as a Santhal leader who fought for the freedom of India. In his honor, there is a university called Sidhu Kanhu Murmu University and there is also a seal to honor it.

History of Sidhu Murmu

Sidhu Murmu was not alone, he has a partner who was with him throughout the fight and the rebel. His name was Kanhu Murmu.

Both were born in the village of Bhognadih in the district of Sahibganj. They made a group of 10,000 Santhals fight against the British force.

In July 1855, with the help of Kanhu Murmu, Sidhu Murmu led a struggle that the British would never have known before.

On June 30, 1855, the Santhals who were ready to rebel against the British government gathered in large numbers and when the police tried to stop Sidhu Murmu, the crowd killed the policeman.

Fight Against British

When the Santhals fought against the British soldiers, they say that they took refuge to protect themselves in a mud house. Instead of leaving, they rained the officers with arrows.

The soldiers tried to make a hole in the mud house to get the people who were hiding there but have not yet surrendered and responded to the army with arrows.

After much fighting when the arrows stopped, the military officers opened it and went inside only to find a man with bodies and when they asked him to surrender, he committed suicide with an axe.

The End of Santhals

When they began to fight against British rule, the British also drew their strength and planned a strategy against them.

The Santhals were unaware of the strategy adopted against them and, in the strategy, the Santhals were defeated and the British officers made sure that even the last drop of the rebel was completed and disappeared completely.

Today, the day was celebrated in Santhals as the day of the martyrs who sacrificed their lives just to bring freedom and make the Santhals independent against the landlords and the British government.

Death of Sidhu Murmu

According to the belief, it is said that Sidhu Murmu with Kanhu Murmu was captured by British forces and it is said that they were killed in captivity.

The struggle and death of the two heroes were not in vain and she brought out the Santal Parganas Leasing Law, which eliminated some forms of exploitation of the people.

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