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Who Should Get an MBA?

Today I’m going to discuss Who Should Get an MBA? There are many courses in the education system but still many people are confused with doing an MBA, so here are the 4 important reasons why and who should do an MBA.

Reasons to get an MBA

1. An MBA is required to move up in a company.

If you are in a company and want to move to higher positions, there is a type of level where, if you don’t have an MBA, you won’t really be considered to move further. These are certain positions in the company where the MBA must be completed and present in your CV. So for that reason alone, don’t spend lakhs of rupees on MBA, I would say it’s not necessary.

Instead, you can find an inexpensive MBA and do it while you are working to advance your career. This helps you a lot because you see practical things in your company what you learn theoretically in an MBA. After taking an MBA, if your company is promoting your position it’s fine, or else you have additional credibility where you can move on to other companies with better roles and salary packages.

2. Changing Career.

The second reason is that if you want to change career or industry, you need an MBA. Let me explain with an example if you are a mechanical engineer and want to change your job in any management or administrative roles, you need a different kind of skills, intelligence, qualification, etc. Your resume may not fit the positions and it’s a totally different area where you cannot convince the interviewer, here taking an MBA can help you get a job you would like to do.

Don’t invest more to do an MBA unless you wanted to get a job in big companies instead, you can opt for an affordable MBA if you want to join startups or other companies. Because many people make loans on their studies only to get MBA from top universities. You should not change the career by seeing huge salary packages but you should even see how the trend going on, your interest, whether the jobs are available enough and suitable for your personality.

3. Networking with People.

Doing an MBA not only gives you the job, but you can also network with people who have similar interests. Suppose if you have 50 MBA students in the class, at least some will reach higher positions in their career, saying that if you build a good network, they could help you in one way or another in the future.

If your objective is not networking then paying huge money for an MBA is waste and studying full time by leaving your work makes you lag behind 2 years in your career. Not only MBA is costly, but there are also other expenses you have to include that if you are going abroad or far distance in your country then you will incur travel, accommodation, food expenses, and many more.

4. To learn Management Skills.

MBA not only fetch you the job in your professional career it also teaches many managerial skills such as planning, communicating, decision making, build confidence, leadership, time management, efficiency, etc. These skills will help you in your career whether you work for someone or you own a business and handle your employees or staff.

As elder people say whatever you learn it won’t go waste, it helps in your life some or other way only you need to implement at the right time.


I feel it is a good gateway into advancement in your career but I think you need to be very careful about sort of the path you choose in terms of getting the MBA based on why you need to pursue MBA, make the choice of program and how do you want to earn your post-graduation whether you study full-time, part-time, or distance education. Finally, it’s up to you how you gonna plan based on your interest and resources you have.

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