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Make Money Online While Studying in School & College With Your Passion

If you are a school or college student who is looking at how to make money online then this is for you. Today you will get a way to start converting your passion into millions of dollars online.

For this you don’t need to leave your studies, along with studies you can earn in your free time or you can make a schedule for this for an hour or two in a day.

I will not suggest you complete online tasks such as surveys, data entry, or captcha solving, what I will suggest is the genuine methods to earn online that will make your career at the stage when others look for a job you don’t have to.

For this what you need to do?

First, identify where your interest lies, it can be anything sports, music, reading books, watching movies, arts, motivating, etc. Then you can convert your interest by showing to people either text or video form i.e. Blogging or Vlogging start educating and entertaining people.

Earning money online is not so easy you have to put in your efforts, you cannot expect to become a billionaire overnight. Initially, you have to focus on learning than earning.

Blogging required different skills like creating a website, understanding SEO, domain, hosting, marketing tools, and techniques, etc. If you plan to create a YouTube channel that also requires skills like writing a catchy title, editing videos, designing thumbnail for the videos, putting tags for video, writing description, etc.

So I would say learn first earn next don’t be hurry because you have lot of time to make money. Once you gained enough knowledge and now it’s time to convince your parents explaining about these career how it will help you in the future.

It is important to convince your parents because anything you do either Blogging or Vlogging it requires little investment so you cannot afford at your age right? Need some support from your parents too.

Expenses to meet

YouTube expenses may be initial investments like purchasing a mic to record quality audio for your videos, the camera need not worry you can just use the mobile phone which you or your parents have, and if you are shooting indoor it may require some lighting arrangements, and requires any free or paid software to edit videos.

Blogging expenses have no end but basically, you will require a domain, hosting, and their renewals every year. Initially don’t go for a premium theme, you can start with free themes available that are enough.


I know many parents won’t leave their children doing something online but the world has changed, everyone now depending online including students to learn new skills. So it will be a great opportunity to make money online in the long term if you start learning skills at an early age and start implementing them.

Here I am leaving you an example of how you can Earn Money Online By Reading Books, from this you get an idea of how you can turn your passion into earning golden eggs and make your career bright online.

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"Follow Your Passion" I am a professional blogger, my aim is to help millions of readers to get the right information at the right time.

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